How To Fly With Vapes & Carts On A Plane

Vaping devices such as vape mods or vape pens can be carried on board. They can be carried in your carry-on luggage, or in your pocket. However, they cannot be checked in. This is true for all vapes with lithium batteries.

Although nicotine e-liquid and extra pods are allowed to be carried on in checked or carry-on bags, most international flights prohibit federally controlled substances such as cannabis products. Don’t risk it.

There may be minor differences in the way TSA vape rules have been applied by different airlines. It is a good idea to check each airline’s rules before you fly. Before you travel to a foreign country/territory, make sure you check the local vaping laws.

In some countries, there are no vape bans. If this is the case, flying with a vape pen shouldn’t be a problem.

How To Pack Your Ejuice, Batteries, And Devices For Transport

Vapers who use vape pens and vape mods should find it easy to travel by plane. They just need to bring a vape and their favorite liquid. As long as they know the basics and follow them, they won’t have any issues.

Traveling With Vaping Equipment And Batteries

Due to misgivings over fires in the cargo hold, all electronic and vape batteries must be brought into the plane. You cannot place them in your inspected baggage. This is an international standard, and there are no exceptions. If you don’t comply with this rule, your luggage will be x-rayed and you may lose your batteries and devices. However, your bag and other items inside it could be damaged.

Your luggage might be left at the airport. You should bring your vape device with you in your cabin luggage.

To avoid any accidents, keep extra batteries safe in plastic battery cases

Remember to charge your external batteries if you have a mod.

Consider bringing a few simple devices, such as disposable vapes, if you are traveling for a short time. These devices are lightweight and portable. They are portable and can be used with any e-liquid.

You can fill your tanks only partially or leave them empty until you reach your destination. The cabin pressure can cause full tanks to leak.

Traveling With Vape Juice?

TSA regulations require that all liquids be transported on planes in 100mL or smaller bottles. They must also fit into one 1-quart plastic bag. This applies to shampoo, toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, and lip balm.

You must check your luggage if you plan on bringing more than one quart of bottled vape juice. To avoid packing a bag full of wet clothes on your week-long vacation, double the size of your checked luggage. There is no limit on liquids that can be carried in checked baggage. You can also use cbd carts or pods.

You might consider taking half-used bottles with some empty space. The cabin pressure can cause full bottles to expand or split at the seams. You don’t need to take as much e-juice if you are using a stronger nicotine level than usual.

Traveling With Nicotine Products

There are alternatives to the vape if that is what you prefer, especially if your destination is far from where you can vape.

It is legal to vape in airports, but it is also illegal to do so on planes. A designated smoking lounge is an exception.

You might break the rules and be ejected from the airport. This could result in you missing your flight or defaulting on your ticket price.

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