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Why You Need a Quality Testing Lab for An Avuncular Test

The best way to ascertain paternity is to get an avuncular DNA test. Therefore, you can find about the biological father when his sample is missing. It can be that the father is deceased or he is unwilling to cooperate. So, the samples of uncle or aunt can help in this case. Also, the testing facility matters because not all use quality test kits. There are many ads with low prices, but the quality of the test is low. If you want conclusive results, a high-quality DNA testing lab is vital. It is because the probability of finding the biological relationship improves.

What is the process of an avuncular test?

There is no complex procedure for this DNA test. However, the result will depend on some key factors. It is not easy to find a biological father without his sample. It is why the uncle DNA test can help determine the relationship. So, the testing facility will require the DNA samples of uncle or aunt. One of the relatives, uncle, or aunt, can submit their specimen. In this case, where only one relative provides it, it will depend on the probability. The accurate result requires a DNA sample of the mother and the relative.

Many high-quality testing facilities accommodate you. They provide a sample collection from your home. Some of the best labs like PaternityUSA use premium avuncular DNA testing kits. Also, it protects your privacy and assists in any queries that you might have. Therefore, it is best to find a lab that has a reputation. You can search online for reviews about these labs near you. Most of the labs have websites with all information. When you place the order, the lab will rush its sample collection kit. So, they will collect a swab of the cheek and do the testing. You can receive the result via email.

How accurate will the result be?

One of the reasons many do not go for this test is that they are not sure about its results. In some scenarios, the father could be deceased or missing for good. Using the DNA specimens of close relatives or brothers and sisters of the alleged father seems a far-fetched idea. However, this is not the case. The DNA test for child and aunt can determine the probability of a biological relationship for the father. Also, if one of the parent’s samples is present, it further elevates its accuracy. So, a mother’s DNA specimen with any of uncle or aunt’s can benefit.


A high-quality DNA testing lab for an avuncular test plays a vital role in ascertaining results. It can help you make sure that the relationship exists or not. Also, these labs offer complete privacy and avuncular DNA test home facility. A team will collect the specimen from your home and send the result via email. There is no complex process for this test. The DNA samples of a mother with the uncle and aunt’s can improve the probability for the results. Therefore, you can submit these if possible. However, the specimen of the relative, uncle, or aunt will also be enough.


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