What Makes Potato The Favorite Food Of Americans 

Potatoes are one of the most preferred vegetables that go into making many regular dishes in the US. Many factors such as the freshness, flavors, value, taste after cooking, etc., have contributed to making potatoes one of the many favorite vegetables of Americans. 

Apart from mashed potatoes, grilled or toasted potatoes, etc., and other regular recipes, potatoes can be cooked in many ways. You can learn more about the different ways to cook potatoes by visiting the official webpage of Potatoes USA. This webpage offers step-by-step recipes for bringing unique potato dishes to the table with the help of some simple ingredients. Visit the webpage to know more. 

Why Potato is a Favorite for Americans 

Studies on potato purchases throughout the country have shed light on the fact that many factors have influenced Americans to purchase potatoes and use them daily. Be it the ease of cooking it or the taste and freshness that it adds to the dishes, potatoes have become one of the many vegetables that are sold in maximum percentages throughout the year. 

Potatoes are cooked in many ways with the help of short-order, basic or traditional recipes. Almost seventy-nine percent of the overall population in America use different recipes to cook potato dishes in their homes, and this survey is done based on the number of meals that every American eats per day and the number of potato dishes that they use in each of their meals. 

Cooking Potatoes 

The available recipes from different chefs around the globe have made it possible for potato lovers to cook 69 to 70 different dishes. Some of such ways of cooking potatoes are listed below. 

  • Raw potato 
  • Juiced potato 
  • Salt baked potato 
  • Twice-baked potato 
  • Baked potato for just 10 minutes in a microwave oven 
  • Roasted potato 
  • En papillote 
  • Roasted and boiled potato 
  • Boiled potato 
  • Steamed potato 
  • Hasselback potato 
  • Ironed potato 
  • Instant potatoes in three different ways of cooking 
  • Stand mixer mashed potato 
  • Hand mashed potato 
  • Riced mashed potato with the help of a ricer 
  • Mashed potato in a food processor 
  • A whole fried potato 
  • Pommes puree 
  • Pickled potato 
  • Pocket potato 
  • Duchess potato 
  • Microwaved potato 
  • French fries, once fried, twice-fried, or frozen 
  • Potato chips of different flavors 
  • Tater tots 
  • Potato and herb blend souffles 
  • Hash browns 
  • Smashed potatoes fried in a pan 
  • Pommes anna potato 
  • Dehydrated potato 
  • Stir fry potato 
  • Dishwasher potato 
  • George Foreman potato 
  • Sous-vide potato 
  • Potato on a cast iron 

Apart from the potato whole, the skin that is normally discarded after peeling while using a potato for cooking is also used for preparing many snacks and sides. Some even try many recipes with the potato peel to come up with happy hour appetizers. However, potato peel is normally not preferred much because of the number of calories that it adds to the body when consumed. 

Potatoes have many benefits to offer to the people that consume them constantly. Studies have shown that it can add enough supply of nutrients to the blood cells to keep a person active and energetic throughout the day. Hence, the maximum percentage of Americans eat potato-rich dishes for the maximum part of their day. 

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