Mats Made From Eco-Friendly Materials That Don’t Contain Any Recycled Plastic

It can be difficult to keep our business environment friendly with many of our products made of rubber and plastic.

We use recycled rubber and other plastics whenever possible. However, that has never been enough for us.

To offset the negative impact our business has on the environment, we are committed to creating a range of eco-friendly mats.

Econyl, a revolutionary new material is still very unknown. This revolutionary new recycling method uses discarded nylon scraps to make it. These new fibers are just as good as virgin nylon and can be reused infinitely.

Econyl considers their brand the mother nature nylon and ensures that no new nylon is required.

Econyl nylon is made from fibers taken from the ocean and garbage dumps.

  • Fishing nets
  • Clothes
  • Carpet fluff
  • Industrial scraps

These items are of no use and have no intrinsic value. They poison the earth and its inhabitants. Econyl reduces pollution by collecting and reusing used items. This helps to break the cycle of waste.

It is best to allow nature to heal itself. This means that you can’t cut down trees or kill wildlife, and you shouldn’t dump rubbish.

Econyl can be reused or used again and again like other renewable materials.

Coir: Using Every Part Of The Plant

We can’t avoid creating new products, so it is important to use all of the plants. Coir is a result of the recycling of waste products from different industries.

Instead of being left to biodegrade in a pile, the fibers from the husk are woven together to make the rope-like material.

Better Rubber

Don’t worry if you do really need a rubber rug mat. Rubber is not all created equal. Some rubber mats are better for the environment than others.

Rubber mats are made of 75% recycled rubber from old car parts like tubes, tires, seats, and seals. Our rubber mats are made from old car tires that have been discarded.

These mats are high quality, and you wouldn’t know that they weren’t made from virgin rubber. Rubber mats may not be the best, but ours are the most sustainable.

Your business is the key to finding the perfect mat for you, and for the entire world. Here are some sustainable options to help you choose the right mat for your business.

Mats Using Coir

Printed Coir Logo Mat

You can print your logo, name, or any other information onto a coir logo mat if you like the natural look, but don’t want to compromise your personal brand. This personalized mat is for those who are committed to sustainability. It features crisp lettering in a wide range of colors.

Coir Scraper Mat With Reinforced Edges 23mm Thick 400x680mm

Original coir mat. This coir mat is a natural scraper that has a natural appearance. The edges are reinforced to stop the coconut fibers from shedding on your floor. This mat is ideal for areas with high traffic and natural appearances.

Custom Size Mat 17mm Thick

You can create your own custom logo carpet or mat if the one you have is not the right size. We can design a coir mat for any area and any size.

We Offer Sustainable Options To Assist You In Making Informed Decisions

There are many options available for anyone looking to make their next entry mat more environmentally friendly. You don’t have to sacrifice style or effectiveness if you want something that is sustainable.

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