Iquitos: Where To Stay?

Multi-day Amazon experiences are the best way to view wildlife sustainably. You can view the jungle from different angles by staying at a jungle lodge, or on a luxury river cruise. Why not choose a lodge/cruise that uses sustainable tourism methods? Protecting nature will ensure that you have a better experience for both you and the animals. It may seem tempting to keep a macaw or sloth, but that is not the right place for these animals. Paying attention and money can cause harm to the animals you have traveled so far to see.

Further exploration supports local communities and promotes animal welfare. To truly experience the Amazon rainforest, spend more than one day in Iquitos          

Top Iquitos Jungle Lodges

All lodges offer a boat ride from Iquitos to their lodge. The ride takes approximately 2 to 4 hours, depending on where your lodge is located. Iquitos has been nicknamed the gateway of the Amazon, as Iquitos city serves as the starting point for explorations.

Grand Amazon Lodge and Tours.

Grand Amazon Lodge and Tours provide great Iquitos amazon tours in a pristine primary Amazon rainforest that is known for its high biodiversity. Each visitor gets their own private guide that will go at their own pace and follow their interests. In addition, each visitor gets their own private bungalow with bathroom, balcony and hammock. More than 10 species of monkeys have been spotted in the area and sloths, Macaws, Toucans, dolphins and many other species of birds and fish. You can explore the Amazon rainforest in the morning, afternoon and night on foot, by boat or on a canoe. It is a stay worth remembering according to many reviews of the lodge. 

Treehouse Lodge

Treehouse Lodge Peru, a luxurious Eco-property located in Iquitos. Your room is a treehouse that was built in the tree canopy. This makes it ideal for photographers looking to capture some amazing shots of birds. You will feel right at home amongst monkeys and toucans who also call the Amazon their home. This peaceful oasis is ideal for those who want to disconnect.

If you dream of sleeping in a treehouse, this lodge is for you. Enjoy the Amazon’s real beauty with creature comforts such as gourmet food, experienced guides, and breathtaking jungle views.

Tapiche Jungle Reserve

Tapiche Jungle Reserve doesn’t offer the typical touristic lodge experience. They do the hard work of conserving endangered species that are vulnerable to poaching. The longboat ride to Iquitos is well worth the effort. The remote location allows for better chances of seeing the animals you want to see on your excursions. This lodge is ideal for those who want an authentic, eco-friendly Amazon experience.

Visitors can see the animals unaffected in their natural environment because we don’t house or manipulate them. We can’t guarantee sightings but the jungle is healthy and there is always something to see.” Deborah Chen, Tapiche Jungle Reserve.

Amazon Yarpa River Lodge

Amazon Yarpa River Lodge, a stunning solar-powered lodge is located approximately 4 hours boat ride from Iquitos. Yarpa River Lodge has partnered with Cornell University to house a field research center dedicated to the conservation and discovery of medicinal compounds. You’ll have access to top-notch guides, better chances to spot animals in the protected reserve, and a greater chance of seeing them.

Tahuayo Lodge

This is the closer of Amazonia Expedition’s two options. Tahuayo Lodge can be found just before Tamshiyacu Tahuayo Reserve. The reserve covers 1,621.94 square miles southeast of Iquitos and is approximately 4 hours away by boat from Iquitos. This reserve is powered by solar energy. However, it does not sacrifice comfort. The zipline ride, 90 feet above the jungle canopy, is a delight for thrill-seekers as well as nature lovers.

Ceiba Tops Luxury Lodge

Ceiba Tops Luxury Lodge can be found about 1.5 hours from Iquitos. You’ll find all the creature comforts such as hot water, air conditioning, and wifi, plus even a swimming pool. This is the ideal place to explore all the wonders and beauty of the Amazon without going too far from the beaten track.

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