Cannabidiol for athletes

Athletes cause a lot more stress than normal on our bodies. While training stress is good for adaptation and improved performance, it can also lead to injury and pain from long-term wear and tear or trauma. Although pain management is effective, current methods can be deadly. Many people have been asking about cbd for athletes or cannabidiol, which is a safer option to pain relief and better sports recovery. Is it worth your time?

Cbd benefits for athletes

Relieve your pain

Many studies have shown that cannabis (mostly THC and less cbd), is effective in relieving pain. The ratio of cbd to THC is unknown. Cbd alone has been subject to little research. This is an area that we can only rely on our intuitions and biological plausibility until the research becomes more solid. Cbd is effective for pain relief in athletes, even though there is not much evidence.

Reduce inflammation

A bit of inflammation can be helpful for athletes and stimulate positive training habits. Inflammation is a problem that can hamper recovery and hinder performance. Cb2 receptors may be found in the brain or in the peripheral, but they tend to be more prominent in immune tissues. Cannabinoids binding cb2 receptors might have an anti-inflammatory effect by decreasing the production cytokines (cell messengers). Cb2 receptors bound to cbd can help reduce the alarm soundings that your immune system makes after a hard workout.

Settle your gut

Inflammation within the small and large intestines can lead to discomfort. It is one of the most common reasons why endurance athletes abandon races. While cbd doesn’t cure stomach problems like overheating or from dehydration (two of the most common causes for athletes), it can help to relieve symptoms if you have underlying inflammation issues. Cb1 & cb2 receptors exist in the colon. Cb1 or cb2 receptors activation in the colon can inhibit colitis symptoms (in mice).

Improve your sleep quality

The best way to maximize your training results is to sleep better. Cbd has been shown to improve sleep quality and ease of getting to sleep. Cbd might be inhibiting the reuptake or adenosine.

As your brain burns carbohydrate as energy, adenosine triphosphate is destroyed and gradually accumulates in your brain. Inhibiting neurotransmitter release by having more adenosine bound to neurons can cause brain activity to slow down, making you feel calmer and promoting sleep. As you sleep, your brain metabolizes adenosine. A few hours later, you will wake up to find that low levels of adenosine have helped you get up.


Cannabidiol is poised to revolutionize how athletes deal with stress from training, and manage occasional and chronic pain. However, the science behind cbd is far more advanced than the current use. There is much more to learn about cbd and how to make it work for athletes. This is not uncommon. These carbohydrate-rich drinks helped to improve performance when they first became available.

Although it is not banned, athletes can be exposed to it if it doesn’t say so on the label. Doping violations are possible if the product you purchase contains THC or another prohibited substance. You have the responsibility to research and select a trustworthy brand.

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